The Health Corner Vol. 1 – Introduction

Welcome to ‘Health Corner’, where we will be talking quite simply about ‘health’. Now, that may sound simple to some, but I think that may only be because of how the average person defines the term. I would like to put forth to you a more comprehensive definition.

How would you describe ‘health’? Many people would say that health is simply the absence of symptoms. That might be an acceptable view, if we lived in a perfect world of ecological balance. But, this is not the case. When we look at the total health of a human being, we must take into account the many environmental stressors we all encounter daily in this modern world. Substances, such as herbicides/pesticides, artificial fertilizers, processed foods, water pollutants, air pollutants, and denuded soil, can affect our bodies adversely and steal our health. We are bombarded daily by the above-mentioned stressors. Sometimes, we have symptoms that are easily traced to them, but more often we have no idea how detrimentally we are being affected. Thus, the absence of symptoms may or may not indicate a state of good health. This makes the common definition of health moot and even absurd.

I would submit to you that a true determination of health is not the absence of symptoms, but rather the ability of the body to optimally handle the stressors placed upon it, thereby responding adequately to these changes. This will result in a dynamic, proactive organism capable of meeting the demands placed upon it with precision. The healthy body is self-regulating, keeping itself in a healthy state.

Looking at it from this perspective, the total absence of symptoms could only ever mean death. There are no symptoms in a corpse, after all. Of course, we recognise this assertion as ridiculous. In reality, life is full of stress and the body will respond to it as a matter of course. Stressors like chemicals, toxic metals, immune challenges, inadequate diet, unique physiology, structural challenges, emotional variances, and even spiritual issues can and will affect our health in some way. The question is whether the body is able to meet these challenges by regulating properly or collapsing under them.

This is what is so exciting about a procedure I now use in my practice called Nutritional Response Testing (NRT). This testing takes into consideration all of the stressors present in the environment today and relies on the natural, innate ability of the body to heal itself, and thus abate naturally any aberrant symptoms. Symptoms, which are simply the manifestation of this natural healing process, should be facilitated—not suppressed or masked—to more quickly and effectively run their natural course. It is counterproductive to treat only the symptoms, thus sacrificing the permanent (ultimate good health) on the altar of the immediate (the quick fix).

Health is a dynamic principle requiring the human body to adapt and change in response to the environmental demands placed upon it. It is not just a static, always symptom-free state, as we have been led to believe. Looking at symptomology and disease, with regard to the natural facilitation of Nutrition Response Testing helps us see that a person who learns to follow the body’s cues and allow it to resolve its issues naturally can thrive and become truly healthy, despite any stress encountered.

In the next article we will delve more deeply into the subject of health as a process.

To your good health!

Dr. Jon R. Link