The Health Corner Vol. 10 – Dr. Link’s Training

In the last several articles, I discussed several cases I’ve seen in my clinic. It occurs to me that by now, many of my readers might be a bit confused. Perhaps many of you think of a chiropractor as someone who only treats the joints, spine, and bones of the body.

Actually, my training was very holistic in orientation, with a very strong emphasis on nutrition and its role in human health. Though it is beyond my purview to treat disease conditions, per se, I frequently treat patients who are in a disease state. And many times, as a result of the therapy or nutritional support that I provide, a patient’s body can become strong enough to heal itself of his or her particular condition.

In my practice, I focus mainly on the link between human health and nutrition. When a patient who happens to be sick comes to me for help, I do not look to treat his or her illness. Rather, I concern myself with finding out how the patient’s body was compromised in the first place, thus permitting a particular disease process to manifest itself. Then I seek to provide nutritional support to that patient so the body can do what it is naturally inclined to do—heal and remain healthy. I do this through the use of Nutrition Response Testing and my chiropractic expertise in understanding the spinal nerve connections in the body.

Let me be very clear. I do not treat disease, but rather ‘listen’ to the body and give it proper support when necessary so it can do its job. The results in many cases have been nothing short of amazing, as I have shared with you previously.

Nutrition Response Testing has opened up a new arena of care that can be provided to a sick and diseased world. At the present time, there is no place on the planet where one can go and not be influenced by toxins. Our water is tainted by chemicals, our air by pollutants. All ecosystems from the deepest, darkest jungles to the Polar Regions are affected. And the result is increased sickness and disease in human beings. Truthfully, we are only a reflection of the status of the environment in which we live.

I do not mean to imply that we are helpless, for despite all the bad news there is good news, as well. There is hope, but hope of health does not come just in the form of a pill; it is in our willingness to take responsibility for our own wellness. A person must be ready to commit to the process of seeking and supporting health, instead of looking for the ‘quick fix’. Nutrition Response Testing can provide a roadmap to follow in order to achieve better health, but it requires the cooperation of both the practitioner and the patient to accomplish that goal.

Thomas Edison was a forward-thinking man who had a vision that I share. He quite wisely said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in diet, exercise, and the cause and prevention of disease.”  That is my goal and my passion. Using Nutrition Response Testing, my patients and I can bring that goal within reach. And we can do it safely (without side-effects that can many times be life-threatening), quickly, and accurately. This is the benefit of being concerned more about the health process that underlies the symptoms, rather than just the symptoms themselves. It is my hope that you would see Mr. Edison’s words more fully realized in your own life.

Here’s to your good health!

Dr. Jon R. Link