The Health Corner Vol. 14 – The Last Process of Health

This is the last of a series of articles on the process of health.   We have referred to health as being an ever-changing condition where one is either progressing upward toward health and wellness or he is going downward toward sickness, disease and eventual death.

We want to focus on the idea of turning this process around from going down hill to going back up hill toward health.  When we think of this, there is a phenomenon called “tracing” which needs to be brought to your attention.  Tracing is simply going back through the process that you had already come from, so that if one is going to turn his/her health around and go through the process toward health, they are going to go back through a series of symptoms at different layers which mimic the problems or the symptoms that they had once before.

This can be perplexing at first to someone who does not understand this process because as we start to go up the continuum and they experience symptoms, they are going to think that they are getting worse.  Remember, we are not looking at health as the absence of symptoms, but as that dynamic interplay between the body and its environment to try to raise that body to a higher level of health.  So, the body is going to go through, especially on retracing, what we call a healing crisis.  Can you see the difference?   One is climbing up the hill toward health and wellness and they experience symptoms, they are simply going through this phenomenon of retracing and the symptoms are manifest because as they peel that layer of sickness away from them it is going to reveal a new set of symptoms and perhaps other circumstances.  It is also interesting to note that in going up through this process of healing, it is much faster than when one is going down the spiral because the body is climbing toward health and is able to throw off these invaders, toxins, whatever the case may be.  So, the experience is much shorter lived than it was previously.  Also, remember that an experienced practitioner in these procedures will use excessive amounts of drainage to facilitate the clearing of these health robbers and, again, hasten that individual through that process to a higher level of health.

In the last several articles we have looked at the health-sickness process, and we have seen different things that can often be confusing.  However, when you understand the process that has been going on, the further down the process you go, the less likely it is to be recognizable to an immediate cause.

In the next series of articles, we are going to look at and analyze some of those cases which we presented earlier and show you how the symptoms do not necessarily appear to equate to the actual problem with which we are dealing.

To your good health!