The Health Corner Vol. 24 – Excerpt from the Integrative Health Seminar Manual

I would like to share with you something written by Dr. Janet R. Lange in one of her Integrative Health Seminar manuals. I think her take on the subject of nutrition and the mainstream healthcare industry is worth noting here to give you a clearer picture of the deception Americans live under.

Dr. Joel D. Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan said, “When an animal or human dies of natural causes, they die of nutritional disease.”

Do you know of any industry, other than the Health Care Industry, that says (with a straight face) and gets away with it: “The quality of the materials that go into building our products are irrelevant.” and “The quality of the materials that are used to maintain the operation of our products are also irrelevant.”? If we consider the human body as the “product” of the Health Care Industry, this is certainly the idea that is being conveyed to all of us.

All of the structure and functions of the human body are built from and run on nutrients. All of them. Nutrients are obtained from what we eat. And, every moment of every day, cells, tissues, and organs and thousands and thousands of biochemical messengers (like enzymes, neurotransmitters, and hormones) are being broken down and rebuilt. Yet the conventional Health Care Industry does not consider it worth talking about the quality of the materials used in this perpetual recycling of the human body. Any old thing will do, we are led to believe, as long as it is within the broad outline of the infamous food pyramid. We are told to eat high-carbohydrate, moderate-protein, low-fat dies, with no discussion of the various types and qualities of these food groups. (In actual fact, the composition of the body is largely water, with solid portions about ¾ protein and ¼ fat, containing several pounds of minerals, and tiny, tiny amounts of carbohydrate. You figure.) In this plan, going to the junk yard (junk food, processed packaged devitalized food, chemical imitation fractions of nutrients, indigestible mineral supplements) for your rebuilding material is just fine. The materials with which we build and rebuild all the structure and functional components of the body are considered so unimportant that most conventional health care practitioners are given little if any training on the subject. This subject is usually called “nutrition”, but could more accurately be called “Applied Anatomy, Physiology, and Applied Biochemistry.” Evaluation of the right quality and quantity of nutrients that build and continuously rebuild our bodies should rightly be a foundational starting point in any health care consideration.

Consider the following analogy: The Airline Industry has decided that if this approach works for the Health Care Industry, they would follow suit. Jet aircraft are now built from scrap metal and various other materials from the junk yard. They are serviced whenever the Industry gets around to it, with similar junk yard materials. When the jets constantly malfunction and crash, the Airline Industry runs elaborate and costly diagnostic tests and procedures, and discovers all kinds of things that are not working right. When warning lights light up in the cockpit, duct tape is applied over them to “cure” the disorder. But never, ever are the qualities and properties of the materials used to build and maintain the plans evaluated. If anyone in the Industry brings up the subject of evaluating the building materials, they are called quacks, and told that such alternative approaches are unproven. And when the jets crash and burn and kill people (of course they will), the Airline Industry still refuses to talk about the materials used to build their aircraft, because they learned from the Health Care Industry that it just does not matter.

The bottom line is, no industry in existence could ever get away with such blatant nonsense, deception and downright lack of common sense – except the Health Care Industry.

I really believe Dr. Lang perfectly illustrates the faulty thinking we, the American people, have fallen into as a result of the propaganda we have been fed all our lives. I hope your eyes have been opened to this assault. And I hope you will feel free to call me for an appointment when you are ready to take the necessary steps toward better health.

Until then, here’s to your good health.

Dr. Jon R. Link