The Health Corner Vol. 3 – Dr. Reckeweg

Health is the dynamic, optimal response of the body to the challenges that are placed upon it. This process is not static, but constantly undergoes change, either toward a disease-free state or toward illness.

I would like to look more deeply at the process of health and how it manifests itself. I would like to share with you some of the information I have gleaned from certain pioneers in health in the last 25 years. These ‘nuggets of truth’ that have been built upon over time are like puzzle pieces meant to form an easily recognizable picture. I will endeavor to present them to you one piece at a time until you can see the whole.

Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg defined what I refer to as the health-disease continuum as a series of phases or stages that originate in the superficial aspects or outside of the body and move deeper into the body through each of six stages. He believed that disease and the subsequent destruction of one’s health begins with recognizable symptoms that can be clearly traced to a particular ‘bug’ or germ. If a person ate a food contaminated by unfriendly bacteria, he or she could expect to have nausea and vomiting at some point after the fact. If a person spent time around someone who had a cold, he or she should not be surprised to start sneezing and coughing a few days later. This is a very straightforward picture of health being compromised, and most people recognize it quite easily.

But, the cause of disease, even a particular state of disease, is not always so easily recognizable. According to Reckeweg, there are disease states that manifest themselves deeper within the body, going from superficial, which is highly symptomatic, to cellular, to nuclear. When an invading agent makes it this far inside of the cell, changes can take place inside that cell … changes that can produce very serious consequences to the health of an individual, without overt or easily traceable symptoms. It is very possible to be in an advanced state of ill health without knowing it until something so dramatic happens that the patient cannot easily recover.

People who have so-called ‘heart-disease’ have come to that state over many years of committing simple dietary infractions. People diagnosed with cancer are not cancer-free one day and riddled with it the next. These are disease processes that start when the body is subjected to a particular stressor or even more than one stressor for long periods of time. (Stressors can be viral, bacterial, chemical, a metal, such as mercury or aluminum, etc.) The body does what it is designed to do, by fighting the stressors attacking it through the six stages of the health-disease continuum. But, if the original invading organisms are not addressed and removed, eventually the body will be overcome at a cellular level and become seriously ill.

I feel it is ultimately important that we understand these things in order get on the path to true wellness. I believe that if we understand the disease process, we recognize that the suppression of symptoms simply results in the driving of the process further into the body, which will then later be manifested in a much more detrimental form.

There have been many people whose doctors declared them healthy who found themselves very ill shortly after their yearly check-up. If they had known, as we now know, that absence of symptoms does not always mean absence of the disease process, perhaps such unfortunate folk could have avoided a long battle back to wellness.

It is always best to remember that many times, ‘feeling good’ does not necessarily equate freedom from disease. In fact, many times, we must put ‘symptoms’ or the lack thereof in their proper place and look for what the body is really telling us.

In the next article, I will continue to address the subject of the disease process, only in more specific terms.

Until then, here’s to your good health!

Dr. Jon R. Link