The Health Corner Vol. 35 – Theory of Nutrition Response Testing

Perhaps you are asking the question, ‘What is it that makes Nutrition Response Testing so effective in correcting health conditions?’

Fore mostly, Nutrition Response Testing takes educated intelligence out of the picture as its principle mechanism, and instead relies upon the innate intelligence of the body to say what needs to be done.

Common medical thought, however, is based on the idea of mechanism. Mechanism teaches that, A causes B, which may cause C which may cause D, etc., etc. While this may be a rational approach to handling the situations in the body, it is not the way the body actually responds. Ten people can come in with exactly the same symptoms, and yet not be suffering from the same disease process. From the standpoint of mechanism, one looks at the symptoms and for these symptoms, the patient is given these particular products to take care of the problem. While oftentimes very effective in treating the symptoms, this does nothing to actually treat the cause.

Now, with Nutrition Response Testing, the practitioner has a tool that looks at any particular individual with whatever symptoms he is presenting and is able to ask the body what is causing this particular set of symptoms. Further than that, the testing will tell what issues need handling first, according to the body’s directive. It is a quantum view which says, ‘This is the reflex, out of any others, that needs to be addressed first’. The practitioner then does as the body directs which very often makes any other weakened reflexes strong as well, thus effecting immediate and clearly discernable change in the patient’s state of health.

This is clearly a more effective system than relying on the educated intelligence of the practitioner doing the testing. He or she doesn’t have to try to match symptoms with products, first trying this, then that to help the patient. The testing eliminates any guesswork and pinpoints exactly what needs to be done at that point, for that body.

When we say, in Nutrition Response Testing, anything can cause anything, we mean it in this way; a given set of symptoms can be caused by several different causative organisms in each patient presenting said symptoms. For instance, who would think that a fungus could cause a knee to deteriorate? Or, that a heavy metal could cause stomach disorders? Who would think that a parasite could cause sciatica nerve pain? Or, that titanium in a pair of glasses would cause severe stomach distress and diarrhea? I could go on and on with several more examples of cases I have seen that seemed straightforward, from a medical point of view, but had what would amount to hidden causes without a tool like Nutrition Response Testing to reveal them.

With Nutrition Response Testing, anyone can present with any condition that concerns them. And, provided they are wiling to follow through with the program found for them, make necessary dietary changes, and follow through with the program long enough to give the body time to repair and build itself up, there is very little limitation on what can actually be done to help that patient return to health.

Besides the abovementioned three elements, time is the most important factor to consider when seeking healing. If a person is impatient and just wants symptom management so that he can feel better, oftentimes the medical approach is quite effective, especially in the area of chronic care. But, again, masking symptoms is not synonymous with true healing. With Nutrition Response Testing, a ‘sick’ individual can often regain a lot, if not all, of the health that has been previously lost through careless living.

Ultimately, each person is responsible for his own health and must make his decision as to how to take care of it. This is sometimes a painful thought to many of us, but we really cannot pay someone to take this responsibility for us. We must choose to seek out and implement a healthful diet and exercise plan. We must choose to get proper sleep, to think edifying thoughts, and to avoid dangerous addictive behavior.

Bottom line, Nutrition Response Testing is very effective in leading us on the right path for the sake of bodily health, but we must be willing to make the foundational changes necessary to lead a more healthful lifestyle. The result will be a stronger body, and a much more enjoyable life.

Perhaps you will consider a health evaluation at Milford Chiropractic Clinic. If you are willing to do the program, Nutrition Response Testing may well be your ticket to your ultimate well-being.

Here’s to your good health!

Dr. Jon R. Link