The Health Corner Vol. 38 – Endocrine Issues

Here again is another case history I think you will find interesting.

“I had been on hypothyroid medication for 8 years when I took the drug which hit my endocrine system and threw everything even further out of wack. My thyroid in particular was hit really hard and began to fluctuate from low to high, giving me a whole new set of symptoms to deal with. My heart rate became elevated, and I felt hot all the time. I had a constant nervous stomach, my emotions were terribly unstable. My hair began falling out at an alarming rate, my skin got dry, and my face was very red. My nails even became brittle and ridged. I felt keyed up all the time and I had a terrible ‘buzzing’ sensation in my head and neck almost constantly. The buzzing was almost the worst part of it.

“But the very worst was the anxiousness and the ensuing anxiety attacks. I felt nervous all the time, and sometimes I would have full blown attacks, which sent me into screaming and thrashing fits lasting sometimes for as long as half an hour.

“When I brought my symptoms to Dr. Link’s attention, he used Nutrition Response Testing to determine their origin. When he found my thyroid reflex to be weak, he was able to check to see if I was hypo(low)thyroid or hyper(high)thyroid. I was, of course, very high. He tested me for products which would bring this under control and found just the right products to do the job.

“I saw a difference right away after starting the program Dr. Link prescribed.  The most noticeable improvement was in the anxiety. That calmed down considerably and I had far fewer anxiety attacks. When I did have one, it was less severe and much easier to get under control. My body temperature regulated, the stomach issues became much less disturbing, and my emotions began to even out, too. Within a short time my hair stopped falling out, which was a great relief.

“I do not mean to imply that I got over all this in short order because that is not what happened. It actually took several months to iron out all the thyroid problems. Unfortunately, the head buzzing was one of the last things to go. But go it did, eventually.

“Now, I am functioning normally, for the most part. I do not need any thyroid medication at all. And I take the minimum in supplemental support to keep things on an even keel. Every once in awhile, I have a little fluctuation with the thyroid going to high, but Dr. Link explained to me that, even without the drug reaction, I had been on thyroid medication for many years and needed to expect to let the thyroid take its time in fully healing.

“I know that my recovery thus far is an absolute miracle. I was told by doctors and nurses alike that I would have to take thyroid pills for the rest of my life, but they did not take into account what a proper diet and good supplemental nutrition can do for the body

“Dr. Link is different from any doctor I have encountered thus far. He is a true healer who focuses on helping his patients attain good health. He believes that if you give the body the proper building blocks with which to work it will heal itself. It is not about symptom suppression, but about restoring health to a sick body. As a result, when the body heals, medications can be eliminated. I believe Dr. Link to be a true doctor in every sense of the word.

“I am really thankful to Dr. Link for all he did for me through Nutrition Response Testing. I am sure my case would have cost me much time, money, and frustration had I not chosen to go to the Milford Chiropractic Clinic for help. And I believe I would have been on medication without ever experiencing real and lasting healing. I am really glad I went the direction I did.”

I hope you found this patient’s story inspiring and thought-provoking. If you have any questions at all feel free to call for an appointment at Milford Chiropractic Clinic today.

Until then, here’s to your good health.

Dr. Jon R. Link