The Health Corner Vol. 39 – Endocrine Issues, Low Thyroid

HC39—Endocrine issues, low thyroid

I hope you are finding the last few articles interesting. I think real life case histories can speak volumes, so here is another one as told in the patient’s own words.

I had been seeing Dr. Link for almost eight years when a prescription drug I took caused a multisystemic reaction that could very well have taken my life. My endocrine system—thyroid, pancreas, adrenals, etc., suffered the greatest hit, but there were other things, too. One thing that was particularly bothersome was an issue with my kidneys. A lot of ‘floxies’ deal with this. (A floxie is a person who has a reaction to the class of drugs I reacted to—floxacins.)

At one point, early on in the reaction, I was urinating all the time. I had no burning or pain of any kind, but I had to empty my bladder very frequently and there was always a lot to empty. Thus, I knew I was not dealing with any kind of bladder or kidney infection. I started to feel thirsty all the time, no matter how much water I drank. And my muscles started aching and twitching. I was also experiencing ‘skipped’ heartbeats and anxiety. I did not know what was wrong with me.

On a trip to the emergency room, the doctor ordered tests to see what I was doing metabolically. One of the things he tested was my electrolytes. The testing came back with a few irregularities, but the thing that caught my attention was that I had low potassium. For some reason, that really struck me. It was not a great deal lower than the norm, but it still seemed to be a concern to me, so I brought it to the attention of my medical doctor who prescribed a potassium preparation … a neutraceutical. When I got the prescription, I decided to read the list of side-effects the pharmacy had printed out and sent along. I was stunned at what I read, considering this prescription was supposed to be a simple potassium replacement pill. The side-effects ranged from stomach discomfort to cardiac problems, which was scary to me considering I was already having a time with dysrythmia. I immediately decided not to take those pills, even though they cost me around $40, if I remember correctly. Instead I called Dr. Link.

He suggested that I take a potassium pill he had at the clinic, since I had decided not to take the prescription. The bottle of 100 pills cost a total of $5 and the preparation was natural and carried no risk of adverse effects. I decided that was the way to go and got some. Fifteen minutes after the first dose my muscle aches and twitching were so much better! I felt less anxious and worried. I was able to REST at last. I kept taking the pills for about two weeks and then had another blood test done to check on my progress. My potassium level was back in the normal range. I was very happy about that.

Unfortunately, I continued to have frequent urination, but found out subsequent to having taken care of the potassium deficiency that that issue probably had more to do with the ensuing blood sugar issues … yet another adverse reaction of having taken the drug that had made me sick. The excessive urination had caused the imbalance in my potassium, so I continued to take the potassium Dr. Link gave me to avoid that happening again. In fact, I ended up needing the potassium off and on throughout my recovery from the original drug reaction. I am really thankful Dr. Link gave me this product. I cannot imagine having to take the neutraceutical so many times and endure the possible side-effects with everything else I was already going through.

As I look back on this time in my life, I find myself making a few observations. I think it interesting that the prescription I was asked to take cost so much more than the natural product that Dr. Link recommended. And it came with a list of side-effects that could have made the treatment worse than the cure. All I really needed was a $5 bottle of natural potassium pills to take care of the problem … and NO side-effects at all! Why do medical doctors not use this efficacious, SAFE, and cost effective alternative to help their patients with a simple potassium deficiency, instead of a potentially dangerous and expensive prescription? This baffles me because the choice to me is really obvious.

It seems to me that regaining and maintaining health can really be much simpler, safer, and less expensive than the mainstream medical community might suggest. I, for my part, am happy I went to Dr. Link with my problem and rejected the more accepted avenues of dealing with it. I cannot say what might have happened had I taken those expensive pills,
..0 but I know what I got taking the natural potassium. I know I am better off for it. Thank you Dr. Link.

What a fascinating story! I hope you got something out of it, too. And as always, do not hesitate to call if you wish to be evaluated for your own health issues here at the Milford Chiropractic Clinic.

Here’s to your good health.

Dr. John R. Link