The Health Corner Vol. 40 – Health Insurance

Today I would like to discuss the value of true health care which is directed at improving ones health, as opposed to the health care/insurance system that we presently are operating under which emphasizes sick care management.

One of the most lucrative businesses in the world is the insurance industry. This is because it operates on the principal of the fear of the unknown. The person who purchases insurance of any kind is actually buying what he feels is security from the fear of ‘what might happen’. This is the psychological premise upon which insurance operates. You fear you might have an automobile accident, so you purchase automobile insurance in order to protect yourself financially, should that happen. You fear the devastation of certain health conditions, so you purchase insurance to protect you against the major illnesses that could wipe you out. You fear you might have crop failure, so you purchase crop insurance … and so on, and so on.

You are gambling that something bad will happen, whereas the individual selling you the insurance is hoping that something bad will not. And guess who wins the majority of the time?  That’s right, the insurance companies. It is the fear factor that the insurance companies count on to keep them in business. The entire insurance industry is driven by it.

But the fact is, many scenarios for which ‘insurance’ can be purchased could be avoided in many circumstances. When you think of what you spend in insurance over the years without really getting to “use it”, you will see that most of us lose in this whole battle of insurance because we’re paying for security and of course a false peace of mind, but nothing much more substantial than that.  If one would take that investment in insurance and put it aside, most of us would probably benefit more in the long run. But people do not recognize this because they have noted that there have been times when the insurance has paid off for someone, maybe even themselves. But this is by far not the norm. That is the cost of having so-called peace of mind.

As I see it, insurance is really designed to handle catastrophic events. I’m not advocating that people should not have any insurance, but I believe it is best utilized to handle those things that are over and above what the average individual can handle during his lifetime. For instance, if someone has a heart attack, and needs acute cardiac care he may be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars of care before he goes home. This is something that most people cannot handle financially on their own. So, in this case, some insurance would be beneficial. On the other hand, the everyday, common illness that occurs might not necessarily require insurance to handle.  If we as insurance consumers only realize our part in handling such things, we would know that to cover everything, even the smallest condition only drives insurance premiums up. This is because as the likelihood of these conditions increases more claims must be filed and in order to be cost effective, premiums must of a necessity be higher. This is why I say it is far better to limit actual insurance to the more rare catastrophic events.

I’ve had people not want to come in for care because it was “not covered by my insurance”. Well, they need to understand that that’s not what insurance is designed for. But, truthfully, sick care management and health care are two different ball games. The benefit of chiropractic care and Nutrition Response Testing is that it is designed to help build and sustain health in individuals so that their risk of further complications and catastrophic events becomes minimized.

Let me put it this way. If you have a car and you maintain it, the car is more likely to serve you longer than a car that you do not service regularly. That doesn’t mean that the car will never breakdown, but statistically, there’s a much greater chance that it’s going to last quite a bit longer than the car that isn’t properly maintained.

The same thing is true with the human body. If we take care of it, it will serve us well … without sickness and disease interfering with our quality of life so much. Each of us is responsible to take care of our health. We must ‘maintain’ ourselves with proper nutrition, rest, and appropriate exercise. No drug or medical procedure can ever truly replace this basic wisdom. But, it is the nature of man to look for the ‘quick fix’. We want to go to a doctor, have him give us a pill, and get better. Unfortunately, health does not work this way.

In truth, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Insurance as we in our nation use it today is about sickness care, not ultimate wellness. Drugs and medical procedures are expensive, so insurance seems the only way to go. But the work we do at Milford Chiropractic Clinic is truly about health care and maintenance. It may seem expensive as it is generally not covered by insurance, but in the long run, it is really more beneficial to people who truly want to get and stay well.  If a Nutrition Response Testing patient follows his program as I lay it out, he will actually repair and rebuild his body and the financial commitment will dwindle as his pill count does. In the end, he will only benefit from taking control of his health in this way—financially and most importantly in his overall health.  True ‘health insurance’ works exactly in this way.

I hope you will feel free to call for an appointment, so we can help you begin your journey to your ultimate well-being.

Here’s to your health.

Dr. Jon R. Link