The Health Corner Vol. 43 – Introduction to Nutrition Response Testing I

Imagine having a diagnostic instrument which could tell you immediately what is wrong with the body when it is ill, without expensive and time consuming medical testing. For that matter, what if that instrument could tell you the health status of the body at any time? But wait! What if that instrument could sort through all of the symptoms and signals the body is sending you regarding its dysfunction and tell you the most important area or organ that needs to be handled first? And what if that instrument could then tell you what is causing the malfunction of that organ and indicate the necessary natural substances to support the body in the healing process? Does this sound too good to be true?

In reality, this instrument is available to everyone. In fact, everyone who is a living, breathing organism already has it. What I am talking about has been available since life first began because it is part of the life force itself. It has been named many things, is a part of every culture, and has been used by these different cultures in various ways to better understand, harness, and utilize its healing qualities.

What I am talking about is the inborn ability of the body to heal itself. It is written into the genetic code of all living things, and is essential for the survival of all living things. Without it life could not exist. It is supernatural simply because it violates the known physical laws of the universe. Those laws are all in harmony because they support a decaying, deteriorating universe and not a viable, growing, dynamic, ever-expanding one. The principle of life and living things alone is capable of growing and reproducing because of this one principle. It is often referred to as Universal Intelligence.

Before you start to think that I have gone off the deep end, please stay with me just a little longer. I wish to show you how the principle I have now introduced to you applies to human health. Simply stated, universal intelligence is the body’s ability to heal itself. Although it is not limited to this one activity, this area of health and healing and the part that universal intelligence plays in it is my focus as a natural healing arts practitioner. One can use a lot of complicated terminology to describe how the healing process occurs, but it is impossible to explain why it happens without embracing this principle as something beyond our understanding. Whatever name we may give it, whether we ascribe it to part of the genetic code, or natural life force … whether we call it innate intelligence, chi, karma, chakra, etc… it is an essential part of all living things.

But it is of little use to our educated intelligence if we do not know how to use it. Nutrition Response Testing bridges that gap and provides us with a tool to “read” the body’s innate intelligence. In short Nutrition Response Testing is the procedure manual for the use of this incredible tool. It is the means by which one’s educated intelligence is able to communicate with innate intelligence. This was foreseen by D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic in 1914. He said, “When educated intelligence is able to communicate with innate intelligence (a possibility which the not too distant future may disclose) we shall be able to make a correct diagnoses.”

So … what exactly is it, and what does it do?

Nutrition Response Testing is a system of “muscle testing” that derives its information directly from a person’s autonomic nervous system. This system of evaluation and treatment was first developed as “Autonomic Response Testing” by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, a German-trained physician and, Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND, and later modified into Nutrition Response Testing by Fred Ulan, DC. Both are easier and more direct to use than their predecessor called Applied Kinesiology. Much of the credit for Nutrition Response Testing does not go to Dr. Ulan although it was his genius which developed this efficient, all-encompassing system. He would be the first to tell you that it was the genius of many others from whom he borrowed bits and pieces of knowledge that helped him to come up with his system. But without his never ending pursuit of over 30 years of scrutiny, trial and error testing, and sacrifice- his joyful obligation, as he calls it- Nutrition Response Testing- would not now be the effective tool it is today.

But how does it work? If this is the question in your mind, I hope you will read my next article.

Until then, here is to your good health!

Dr. Jon R. Link