The Health Corner Vol. 51 – Flu Vaccines II

If you were an authority with the Centers for Disease Control, you would be faced every year with the decision of who should be vaccinated for flu and who should not. Recently, that decision has included the H1N1 Swine flu virus. The flu pandemic of 1918 killed more than 50 million people worldwide, but since then all predicted pandemics have failed to do the expected damage to the public. Nevertheless, authorities must therefore deal with public fears and the realities of statistical error.

But there is more. Many times the vaccines being recommended may not be effective. In fact, most are not. And the magnitude of an immunization campaign is a logistical nightmare—the cost alone (borne primarily by taxpayers) is monumental and there would be little to no data to accurately predict an epidemic or a pandemic to offset unnecessary cost. Add to that the knowledge that with each round of vaccines administered, there will likely be tens of thousands of casualties from relatively mild reactions up to and even including vaccine related deaths. And looming in the forefront of the mind would be the memory of the 4000 cases of permanent paralysis from Guillain-Barre Syndrome caused by the swine flu vaccine program done in 1976. The issue of the use of dangerous mercury as a preservative in the vaccines has not been resolved, so the possibility of toxic neurological disorders such as autism could well be a problem. And of course, the drug companies that produce the vaccines would be putting on the pressure because they stand to make billions of dollars on their product. They have no fear because they are fully protected against lawsuits from the citizens that are injured or killed by taking these ‘safe and effective’ shots.

No, I would not be a CDC public health official for all the money in the world. Personally, I will opt out of a vaccine program that is most likely ineffective, may injure me, and that may poison the nervous systems and brains of our nation’s children. Instead, I will simply do all I can to insure that my immune system is working at an optimum level. And I will help my patients do the same. This will mean eating the best food possible and using high quality, whole food supplements when necessary. One cannot expect to eat nutritionally dead food, get little rest or exercise, and not handle stress properly, but still maintain good health.

In August 2009, Dr. Bruce West suggested that if the summer ‘pandemic’ does not pan out for drug makers, they would predict that the H1N1 virus would be back with a vengeance in the fall and winter. They would have a vaccine prepared, and that everyone would get a shot at least once and perhaps twice. That came true in part, but the public also started to get educated about flu vaccines and have since learned that they are really no more effective than a placebo. The vaccine carries risks, including permanent crippling, and kids who get the vaccine are worse off than those who do not. Even nurses, who supposedly ‘know better’ and have even been threatened with being fired, have started rejecting the vaccine.

But then, the powers that be, sensing an impending blow to the billions of dollars in vaccine sales, put into place a new scare campaign which has already begun. The vaccine-makers are rolling out ‘experts’ to tell you that the H1N1 flu will be staying around for awhile! That’s right; the crystal ball has apparently been active again lately. And the prediction is that even if H1N1 is on the wane, a third wave of this type of flu can be expected next spring or summer. If we the American public believe this, the vaccine companies are ensured of their sales.

So here is what the drug-makers want you to do. If you have shunned the vaccine up to now, and even if the flu is declining in your area, you should seek out the vaccine immediately because by the time the ‘third wave’ comes around, there may be no vaccine available! Better safe than sorry!

Just like with the mad cow scare and the bird flu, these people are truly the masters of deceit.

So, the question remains … will you be one of the sheep being trustingly led to the slaughter? I hope you will see through the ploys and money-making schemes and instead take control of your health as you are meant to do. Please feel free to call our office with any questions you may have. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Here’s to your good health!

Dr. Jon R. Link