The Health Corner Vol. 54 – Case History: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Here is another patient’s story of how Nutrition Response Testing helped to improve her health and therefore the quality of her life.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be very debilitating. And in the case of this patient, the numbness and pain were making it hard for her to do her work and pursue other interests that made her life enjoyable.

Nutrition Response Testing to the rescue once again!

Here is her story…

“I own and operate a beauty shop and have been coming to Dr. Link as a chiropractic patient for several years. During that time, I began having symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The numbness escalated when I was doing hair color or perms on customers. I also do a lot of crafts which contributed to the problem. As time progressed, I noticed a lot of pain in my wrists and the numbness seemed to worsen, too. I was really bothered by this because this condition was seriously affecting my ability to do my job efficiently and enjoy my hobbies.

“About 3 months ago, I went to Dr. Link with my problem. He suggested we try a procedure called Nutrition Response Testing. I agreed and he tested me and found the problem to be a food sensitivity. He put me on the appropriate diet regimen and some supplements based on what my body indicated I needed.

“In the beginning, I was taking quite a few supplements, but as my body began to heal, I was able to discontinue more of them at each appointment. I have now gone from 17 supplements a day to 5 as my body continues to return to a healthy state. But best of all, the pain and numbness in my wrists and hands are completely gone. I am very happy that I was able to relieve the discomfort of carpal tunnel pain in this manner, and I now realize that ‘you are what you eat’, based on what I learned from the extensive diet counseling I received from Dr. Link and his staff. I feel better through feeding my body well.

“I’m glad that I didn’t opt to have treatments, or worse yet, surgery, based on a medical diagnosis that could only be at best an educated guess. Nutrition Response Testing actually tells Dr. Link where the problem lies and what type of nutrition your body needs to return it to a healthy state—all, without surgery or synthetic drugs.”

Isn’t that great? This patient was facing possible surgery and/or debilitation, but she had to endure neither because we were able to find out what her body really needed with Nutrition Response Testing. She is now able to live a fully productive life, doing the work she loves and pursuing her other interests without pain or limitation.

This work continues to amaze me, even though I have been doing it now for well over a year. It is great being able to help my patients, even with seemingly ‘hopeless’ situations, regain their health and quality of life. I hope that if you are facing a health scenario which seems to require drastic action to ‘cure’, you will consider calling my office for an initial consultation. I would like to show you what Nutrition Response Testing might do for you.

Until then, here’s to your good health!

Dr. Jon R, Link