The Health Corner Vol. 6 – Case History: Abdominal Pain

A 47 year-old female came to my office complaining of severe, acute abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. Within 30 minutes of each meal she ate, she would experience these symptoms. Additionally, she almost never was free of some level of abdominal pain, whether she had eaten or not. These symptoms had plagued her for four weeks. She had spent three of those weeks in three different hospitals and had seen several medical specialists, but no definitive diagnosis had been made to explain her condition. Finally, it was suggested to her that she should have her gall bladder removed to see if that helped. All this testing and consultation with specialists had cost the patient well over $20,000, but to no avail.

After hearing her story, I suggested testing her using the Nutrition Response Testing procedure. We proceeded and found that this lady was sensitive to titanium. Upon questioning her to find out the source of this heavy metal, it was discovered that the frames of her reading glasses contained titanium. I had her remove her glasses and tested her again. Her body indicated a need for several supplements to support it and remove the titanium. I had her take the supplements right away and lie down for half an hour. After this, I told her to go eat something, but she was resistant to my suggestion, fearing that her symptoms would worsen upon eating as they had before. I assured her that she would be fine and encouraged her again to go eat. After she ate, she came back to the office to lie down, so we could observe her body’s response to the meal. She was fully expecting the onset of her usual symptoms, but after an hour and a half, she felt no different, so I sent her home with her supplement program.

The next morning I received a phone call from her. She was very excited to report that she had had her first normal bowel movement in four weeks. No diarrhea had occurred, the abdominal pain was gone, and she was doing very well. She told me that her husband had decided they would no longer seek mainstream medical help. “Do exactly what Dr. Link says,” he had said.

Over the course of the next four months, the patient continued to do very well symptomatically, and after five months of treatment she was placed on a maintenance program of supplements. Today, almost a year later, she is still doing very well, and, best of all, she did not have to go through the pain and expense of having her gall bladder removed. I was able, through Nutrition Response Testing and a few indicated supplements, to care for her for a total cost of under $2000.00—a small price to pay in comparison to her previous expense; an even smaller price to pay for freedom from pain and good health.

Here again is an example of how far removed symptoms can seem from their actual cause. This patient had been to several doctors and been through scores of tests and medical procedures, but the problem, though it turned out to be as simple as the metal in a pair of glasses, was not found despite all the time and money spent.

In truth, there is no procedure out there today that reads the body so well and has such potential to make a positive impact on individual health as Nutrition Response Testing. When I say it is ‘21st century, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology’, I mean it sincerely. Time and again, I have seen it work with any number of conditions, from the trivial to the very serious. Obviously, this testing benefits my patients greatly. And, for me, it is so exciting coming to work knowing that someone may walk through my door feeling helpless and hopeless, but will walk out knowing they have been helped in a significant way. This work has lit a fire within me, because I see its endless possibilities.

Perhaps the next person to visit my office looking for answers will be you.

Until then, here’s to your good health.

Dr. Jon R. Link