The Health Corner Vol. 8 – Case History: Lower Back Pain

I had a patient in my office I had seen for low back pain 10 years prior. I had corrected her problem then with chiropractic, and she had lost a considerable amount of weight since, thereby sustaining what I had done to help her. But the pain had now returned, so she was back seeking more treatment.

As I consulted with her about her problem, I had a feeling that there was more to this case than a simple biomechanical issue. After 25 years of practice, I have developed something of a sixth sense with some of my cases. I told this patient I felt her problem was deeper seated, and I wanted to set chiropractic aside for now. She was happy to forego the adjustment process because her pain was so great. She was concerned that manipulation of the area might make things worse. So, I suggested that I test her with Nutrition Response Testing, she consented, and we began.

As I did the body scan which tests the reflex points of the body, I was surprised to find that her jaw reflex was active and localized to a single tooth! As I continued the procedure by checking for the major stressors, I found that the patient was sensitive to plastic! This prompted me to ask her if she drank a lot of bottled water. She confirmed that she drank it all the time. I asked her if her water ever got overheated. To that she replied that she didn’t like cold water, but preferred it at room temperature or warm. Add that to the fact that she told me she works in an area where her water bottles would be subjected to heaters and sometimes direct sunlight, and I knew we had found the source of the problem. I proceeded to tell her that substances called dioxins (estrogen mimickers) were known to be released from warmed plastic and warned her she should avoid leaving her water bottles near heat as much as possible. Then I gave her the supplements necessary to begin removing the plastic from her body right there in my office and asked her to lie down. Within 30 minutes, she had a 50% to 60% improvement in her pain! I then retested her with Nutrition Response Testing, and the results showed that she was already experiencing positive changes, just from the few supplements she had taken. Within an hour the pain was completely gone, and she felt back to normal.

I want to point out that had I not known about Nutrition Response testing at the time, I would have treated this case much differently. I would have focused on the patient’s back and employed chiropractic to treat it. Most likely, she would have had to return again and again without getting the favorable results she needed. I would have been treating her symptoms and not addressing the real cause of her disorder, which turned out to be the plastics in her water. The Nutrition Response Testing procedure found the hidden cause of the problem, and I was able to give her the support her body needed to correct it. The result was that the patient’s pain went away immediately.

Perhaps this all sounds too good to be true, but I assure you that Nutrition Response Testing is the most amazing and beneficial procedure for restoring and maintaining good health that I have ever seen in my 25 years of practice. I have been absolutely astounded at the positive results my patients have experienced because of it. And I have learned that simply ‘listening’ to the body and following its directives can help my patients to achieve health and healing now and for a lifetime.

This procedure really is the most comprehensive and complete system in healthcare today in regards to restorating one to a healthy state.

To your good health!

Dr. Jon R. Link