The Health Corner Vol. 9 – Case History: Breathing Problems

A 63 year-old woman came to the clinic with a complaint of severe difficulty breathing. She had suffered this unexplained problem from around the age of ten to the present, with virtually no relief in all that time. She wanted to know if there was anything I could do for her, so I asked if I could test her using Nutrition Response Testing. I told her I would be able to advise her more accurately after the test.

I began the body scan and was interested to note that it did not show her lungs to be the primary problem. Instead, I found she had a thyroid issue—something the patient had been aware of, by the way, but hadn’t thought to mention until after I’d detected it during the testing. I have been working in my field long enough to recognize the importance of the thyroid as a controlling element in many, many conditions, so I was not as surprised as I might have been that this was my finding. I set her up with a simple thyroid program of supplements and we both waited to see the results.

Now, bear in mind that this patient had been on thyroid medication for six years! Most people with thyroid issues such as hers are told by their medical doctors that they will be on their medication for the rest of their lives. But the supplements I put her on worked so well that when she ran out of her medication about a month or so later she decided not to renew her drug prescription. Instead, she simply continued to take her supplements. At that point, some marvelous things began to happen. Her hands and feet, which had previously almost always been cold began to warm up, and her energy levels, so easily taxed before, began to rise to the challenge of her daily activities. But the benefits this patient experienced didn’t stop there.

About three months into the program, which normally heralds a turning point in many of my patients’ health profiles, the re-testing revealed that the thyroid was no longer the primary concern; now the lungs were the priority. The patient was elated that her original complaint could now be addressed. In setting her new program, I found that there were several products that she needed to deal with her lungs, so I sent her home with them, expecting to see great changes in her breathing problem.

Two weeks after initiating the new program the patient was happy to report that her breathing was better than it had been in years. Two days prior to her appointment she had decided to test herself a bit, so she ran up the stairs and was elated to find that she did not become short of breath at all!

Interestingly enough, on top of all the other good things that this patient was seeing in her recovery, she also lost 10 pounds and went down 3 dress sizes during the six months we saw her. How does one lose only ten pounds, but go down three dress sizes? The answer is really very simple. Because of her thyroid condition, her body had localized much of her weight around the hips and buttocks area. When the thyroid began working properly there was a weight distribution change. Her hips and waist became smaller, and she became more proportional. Needless to say, the patient was very excited about this added bonus to her recovery!

In actuality, this was a relatively simple case, but only because I had at my disposal the one tool that can read the body more effectively than any other. When I use Nutrition Response Testing with a patient, the body tells me what needs to be addressed to bring it back to health. I do not have to guess, or rely on my educated intelligence, which can be quite fallible. And I do not have to use expensive and invasive tests that may or may not find the true cause of a patient’s illness. With this highly accurate testing I can help my patients regain their health naturally and affordably.

If you have questions about the work I do I hope you will feel free to call and schedule an appointment.

Until then, here’s to your good health!

Dr. Jon R. Link