My Personal Health Story

My Personal Health Story
Jon R. Link, D.C.

I became interested in nutrition while attending Chiropractic College in the late 1970’s.  Most of my training at that time was symptom driven, which means that when someone presents with a set of symptoms you give them what is deemed the appropriate nutritional protocol.  But I found over the years that this was often a hit or miss practice and did not yield the results for which I was looking.  Then in 2000 I read the book The Real Truth About Vitamins and Antioxidants by Judith DeCava.  This one book completely changed my entire view of nutrition.  It introduced the concept of whole food nutrition, very convincingly presenting the argument of the need for real nutrition over nutraceutical crystalline distillates.  This made perfect sense to me and triggered an intense desire to learn more about the whole food nutritional approach to health.

Over the next seven years I attended over 100 hours of nutritional courses a year … some good, but most not so good.  I studied several different dietary approaches to health and learned the simple truth that whole food and not processed food is the foundation of good health.  In the American diet, synthetic foods have replaced natural foods (like margarine over butter) which have had adverse effects on our health.  Synthetic vitamins have replaced whole food vitamin complexes as found in nature.  The ‘science of nutrition’ has crept into the health picture and is ever increasingly eroding our health.

I have come to the position that nutrition is not to be scientifically altered and changed from our Creator’s design.  The ‘science of nutrition’ has made ‘food’ available in this country in ample quantity but at the expense of nutritional quality.  What we now have is an abundance of ‘food stuffs’ which lack the nutritional density our bodies need and contain instead artificial chemicals, pesticides, and genetically engineered ‘foods’- all of which contribute to the attractiveness of these foods but which also cause them to lack the nutritional value they once had under the organic farming model.

I learned and assimilated all this good information, but I was still practicing ‘hit and miss’ as far as nutrition is concerned, until the fall of 2007 when I was introduced to Nutrition Response Testing.  This revolutionary testing procedure involved the techniques of applied kinesiology which I had rejected for over twenty-five years.  But as I studied it, the evidence of its efficacy was greater than my lack of reasoning against it, and I had to come to a position of finally accepting and embracing that which I had shunned and scoffed at for so many years.

Nutrition Response Testing is the culmination of the work of many practitioners in the area of energy medicine, which goes back to the 1950’s.  I found it to be the answer to the hit or miss practice that I had wrestled with for so many years.  Finally I had a tool to show me exactly what kind of nutrition would work for each individual patient.  For, not only does this procedure identify the priority organ which firstly needs to be addressed, but, and most importantly, it finds the stressors which are affecting that organ and preventing a nutritional protocol from being effective in supporting the patient’s body.  With Nutrition Response Testing, I could identify the food sensitivities, the immune challenges (viral, bacterial, fungal/yeast, or parasitic), the chemical or heavy metal toxicities, or the scars which were effecting the balance of the autonomic nervous system. And, by first addressing these issues, I could then support the body accurately and get results that prior to this approach may not have been possible.

In truth, the Nutrition Response Testing procedure has catapulted my nutritional health practice to the level of certainty and success for which I have long been in search.  I can now utilize the entire concept of whole food nutrition which is a necessary step in the quest for my patients’ better health.
With this comprehensive and non-invasive tool, I can find the stressors with which my patients are dealing and help their bodies do what they are created to do in the first place … heal themselves.

Yes, this concept has been lost in our modern approach to health care.  We have been led to believe that the problem is with the invading “bug”, and therefore have come to largely ignore the importance of the baseline health of the host.  We have forgotten that the bugs are always there and their job is to return us to the soil from which we came when the body is no longer able to maintain a healthy balance.  But by concentrating on feeding the body what it is intended to be fed, and maintaining its ability to heal itself by using the foods our Creator intended us to use, we can experience many years of health and happiness.

Nutrition Response Testing provides me, as a natural health care practitioner, the most effective, cutting edge protocols to be able to fulfill my purpose. And what is this purpose but to glorify God and serve mankind with the instrument of the Chiropractic principle and to support the innate ability of the body to heal itself by educating, guiding, motivating, and directing the people that the Lord sends me, so they can live happier and healthier lives?