What to Expect as a New Patient

1.  Prior to first visit

Before scheduling new patients, there are two forms which must be completed and returned to this office for review.  After they are received and reviewed, the applying patient will be called to be scheduled for the first appointment.  These forms are found on the internet on our web page, which is energyhealingsystems.com, under the tab education.  They can be downloaded, printed, completed, and returned by fax or mail, or can be completed on line and returned via e-mail to ehs2919@hotmail.com.

Instructions for completing these forms are also on the web page under the same tab.  If you have any questions please call the office at 217-351-2711.

First visit (paperwork)

Upon arrival at the office on the first visit there are some additional forms which need to be completed and/or read prior to being seen.  If you would prefer to save time during this first visit you can download the forms from our web site and complete them prior to coming in for your first appointment and bring them with you for the appointment.  This will save you about 30 minutes.  They are located under the tab _____________.

These forms consist of the following:
New Patient Information Form
Permission and Authorization Form
Dr. Links personal health story
Nutrition Response Testing Orientation brochure

First visit (procedures)

Once all of your paperwork is completed and reviewed you will be taken into Consultation to have the Patient Advocate review your case concerns and answer any questions you may have about Nutrition Response Testing since you will have read the informational brochure.

From Consultation you will proceed to the Examination Room for vitals and an Autonomic Nervous System/Health Fitness Examination procedure.

When these are completed you will be taken to the Nutrition Testing Room and await the doctor’s arrival to do a Nutrition Response Testing evaluation.  After the evaluation you will be taken back to the Consultation Room for your initial visit out-briefing with the Patient Advocate.  She will answer any additional questions you may have and then escort you to the front desk for final checkout.

4. Second Visit- the Report of Findings

All of your data will be reviewed and when you come in for the second visit you will be given a Report of Findings which the Patient Advocate will go over with you.  The doctor will then come in and answer any questions and review the highlights of your case.  He will make recommendations and provide a summary of your condition.  You will then see the Patient Advocate and she will lay out the recommended program for you.  She will also go over what you can expect financially.

If you decide to proceed then the doctor will see you and complete the procedures for that visit.  This will be charged as an office call.  If you decide that the recommended program is not what you are looking for at the present time then your visit will be over.  There is no additional charge for the report of findings if you decide not to accept the recommended program.  If you do accept the program the charge of an office call and the cost of supplements required will be due at checkout.