Back to Basics Quiz

An orange that contained 50 mg of natural vitamin C complex in 1950 now contains ________ mg.

Who is the founder of Standard Process?

According to John Finnegan, “There is more and more evidence showing that the main cause of heart disease and one of the mains causes of cancer is the harmful effects from poisonous ________.”

According to Judith DeCava, synthetic supplements can unbalance a persons ________.

According to Dr. Lee, a natural combination of Vitamin B Complex is from ________ times more potent in humans unit for unit than a synthetic complex.

Vitamin E loses up to ________% of its potency when separated from its natural synergists.

In Dr. Barnett Sure’s study of pigs fed synthetic B vitamins, the results were that ________ of the first generation offspring were .

In 1929, Dr. Lee formulated ________ a concentrated multiple vitamin, trace mineral and enzyme product.

What is the richest source of vitamin E complex ? .

Consumption of large quantities of ________ produce large quantities of insulin.

Some cholesterol comes from food, but ________% is produced by the body itself, mostly in the liver.

Any carbohydrate is metabolized exactly like ________.

In order to digest food, stay immune from parasites, and avoid getting candida; you must have plenty of ________ in your stomach.

Protein intake for women should be ________ grams / day. Men should be ________ grams / day.

Carbohydrate consumption from fruits and vegetables should be no more than ________ grams / day.

From the book “Going Back To The Basics Of Human Health”. (Please return this book on your next visit or you may purchase it for $7.95 to cover the cost of the book, thank you.)