Handling Digestive Problems

Digestion is extremely important to good health. From my perspective I see digestion as being the key that opens the door to the whole health process. Because of the pandemic digestive issues that are in this country today it is important to understand first of all what causes that to be the case and then how to go about correcting it. If it were as simple as taking Tums for relief, or Prilosec or Prevacid then the issue would not be so bad. However, once again the treatment of symptoms is not going to affect the cure, and the results are going to be astronomically deleterious if not handled correctly.

One of the major causes of digestive issues in this country is the result of the processed food that we ingest. This all came about because of a need for creating an abundant food supply for the public at large. Due to the urbanization that occurred during the middle of the twentieth century, many people stopped living off of farms and had to depend upon shipment from outside of their residence to provide an adequate food supply. The food industry had to provide a means for increasing shelf life and preventing the deterioration of food by the use of preservatives, thus making more food available to more people for a longer period of time. Without realizing it, these food engineers vastly reduced the quality of the food.

On top of chemical preservation, the use of inorganic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides have also greatly contributed to the toxicity of our food. The end result is, instead of eating food that was basically right out of the garden … fresh, vital, and live … we began to eat out of boxes, heating up food stuffs, and thinking we were getting the same type of nutritional quality. But these processes only contributed to the destruction of a lot of the natural enzymes which are necessary in order for the human body to break down the food.

So here we are … ingesting things that have no vitality and no life, that have minimal nutrition value or active enzymes in them. The body recognizes this and says “if the food doesn’t have the necessary enzymes in it we are going to have to steal from our metabolic pool of enzymes in order to facilitate digestion”. As a result, over time these metabolic enzymes are used up as they are converted into digestive enzymes. The digestion occurs and everything is fine for awhile, but once this metabolic pool is used up the body is placed under more strain because it doesn’t have enough enzymes to operate its own machinery. So, in my practice one of the most important things I do is provide enzyme support. Using Nutrition Response Testing we can find exactly which enzymes are going to be the best for each individual. Not all enzymes are the same of course, but if I find a particular enzyme for a particular person that works well then I have a very good chance of helping with their issue.

Sometimes the thing to do is to provide support for a patient’s gut repair. I mentioned the use of antacids for stomach pains and conditions, but all this does is treat the symptoms and does not allow for the healing process. While we are providing enzyme support we also need to support the lining of the stomach for repair. There are a host of products that can be used for this purpose.

Actually, I really enjoy digestive cases because they are so simple and straightforward to handle from my perspective. Nutrition Response Testing can find exactly what the best formula would be for a particular individual, so I can appropriately apply that formula to that person. It is much more sophisticated than using a prescribed protocol, in which everyone gets the same. Unfortunately, people equate most digestive problems with Prilosec or Prevacid deficiency support or a Tums deficiency. While this is nice for treating symptoms it does nothing to affect cure. In the end the individual suffers even worse because as I said earlier if you can not provide the proper building blocks for the digestive process, then those materials will not get absorbed and identified into the system where you have billions of cells that are being replaced in the body every single day. Hence, the health of the individual suffers and the health is not maintained. I hope this overview of digestion and the role digestive enzymes play in the process has been informative and helpful.

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