Without exception the greatest single most important factor in determining one’s health comes down to that four letter word DIET.

The diet is the one thing that we can control on a daily basis, on a hourly basis or whatever because we are constantly making decisions as to what we do and don’t eat. We can choose to have a gooey high whip cream sundae with chocolate sauce and butterscotch and all the trimmings or we can have an apple or slice of pineapple or something else if we have that desire and fulfill it with our dessert.

Certainly this is an example of two choices that one can make, one very very bad for us and the other one maybe okay maybe not so bad depending on our body and what it needs. We are going to look at sugar in this article because that has been found to be the number one problem of the four major food groups affecting the United States population. The other three happen to be grains, which is usually found second only to sugar. Then we have dairy, and lastly we have the egg family. But of all these, sugar is by far the most common in ninety percent or better of the patients that have some type of a dietary stressor or weakness, it happens to be sugar.

Now this can be white refined sugar, can be brown sugar, it could even be fruit sugar and honey. Here is the thing if one eats a high percent of white refined sugar for a long enough period of time this is going to have some dramatic effects on the body. Number one it is going to deplete the body of many of the natural minerals and vitamins that are normally found in most sugar containing whole foods. White refined sugar has been striped of all this, as a result the calories that we are consuming with white refined sugar are empty calories and the body here has to rely upon its metabolic stores to call upon those metabolic reserves, depleting them in order to supply the necessary factors in order to handle and metabolize that excess amount of sugar taken into the body.

As a result, many sugar abusers have been found to have a B complex deficiency and this should not be taken to mean that if you are going to eat a large amount of sugar that you can counteract this by taking a B complex, no that is not going to work especially when you understand how synthetic vitamins are prepared and fractionated out, but that’s another subject. The fact is sugar will eventually rob the body of its mineral and vitamin stores further depleting it. Another factor with sugar is we only have one mechanism in the body for lowering sugar levels in the blood. However, ever there are six different mechanisms in increasing sugar levels in the body and this should be a strong hint to the fact that we are not designed to handle and metabolize large amounts of sugar. In reality the body is designed to handle more protein and fat sources than it is high sugar or carbohydrate sources and this is where a big part of the problem enters into the picture.

Something else about sugar is that the refined sugar that we consume so much of one of the things that causes it to become white is that chlorine is often used in the process of bleaching the sugar as well as the grains, and this chlorine seems to have a predilection for the pancreas. Is not that interesting. Chlorine in the pancreas will end up destroying the pancreas and relieving it of its capability to produce enzymes.

Make no mistake about it sugar is just like a drug, in fact sugar is really when you look at it chemically it is referred to as a polyhydric alcohol. In other words, sugar has several OH hydrical groups on it, only one OH group is necessary in order for a compound to be considered an alcohol. That is one of the reasons sugar and alcohol so well, sugar and gasoline mix so well because they all have a similar constitution and it should be understood that we understand the dangers of alcohol in the body that that depletes B vitamins, well sugar as a polyhydric alcohol does the same thing. There are cases in fact where people have sugar regulation problems much resembling that of an alcoholic especially going into periods of hypoglycemia or what is called low blood sugar levels, they experience the stupors and the fog and difficultly concentrating, all characteristics of somebody who may be experiencing an alcohol overdose has caused the same phenomenon to occur.

So one might think that if they just eliminate white sugar that they can just substitute brown sugar or honey or fruit. In some cases this may actually be okay. But in most cases, once somebody as addressed the sugar issue they have been on sugar for so long that their pathways are very sensitive and upset therefore, any other form of sugar can upset the balance of the system. This all has to do with the whole process of insulin resistance, which is a by product of the overuse of sugar. In these cases where the insulin resistance has developed a large quantity of insulin is secreted in response to any sugar intake because of the effect of the insulin has become diminished and that requires more insulin in order to do the same job. Hence the term insulin resistance, of course insulin has several side effects which are not healthy one of which are to cause the increase of an enzyme called HMG Colbreductase A that helps to increase one’s cholesterol levels. Interesting to note here it is not fat that causes a rise in cholesterol, but it is sugar. That is one of the reasons why fat restricted diets often fail to lower one’s cholesterol levels. Not that I don’t believe that to be terribly important. But just as an aside fat restricted often fail, therefore an individual ends up on a cholesterol lowering medication anyway. Pharmaceutical companies on this one have done their homework.

So sugar is definitely addicting and once somebody becomes addicted to it, it is very hard to limit the sugar in their diet. However, as one gains more control over this, things like brain fog, being tired all day, symptoms like not being able to get to sleep at night, not being able to concentrate, menstrual irregularity, hyperactivity, inattentiveness in school, inability to concentrate or learn, difficulty with weather changes, trouble with sexual function, the list can go on and on and on. So often times being related to the effects sugar has on the body over time.