Environmental Changes from Past to Present

The twentieth century ushered in great changes, many of which have improved our way of life in many respects.  But they have also caused other environmentally harmful effects which continue to plague us more and more as time continues.

At the turn of the twentieth century the United States was developing into an industrial giant.  The industrial revolution was gaining momentum and productivity was increasing.  People were migrating to cities, leaving the simple, agrarian lifestyle behind for new jobs in the ever growing populace.  The skylines were becoming painted with smoke stacks from steel mills and factories of all kinds as the building boom began to create an industrial complex which would seemingly make this country superior to all of the other countries in the world.

As industrialization continued to boom, life changed drastically as products were turned out to make life easier.  Washing machines and driers replaced hand washing and clothes lines.  Automobiles replaced horses and buggies.  Electricity in every home advanced the lifestyles of more and more people, and the country moved more and more into ‘modernization’.

This was progress.

But with every action comes an equal and opposite reaction.  The effect of industrialization was the beginning of the pollution of our atmosphere.  This has continued to our present day, and now  there is no place on the planet where its effects cannot be felt.  Evidence of contamination can be seen in the polar regions, in the rain forests, on deserted islands, and in the depths of the oceans.

In the book Our Stolen Future, by Theo Colburn, the conclusions she makes are enough to alarm anyone.  The simple fact is that we are polluting and destroying our environment, which is polluting and destroying life itself.  The chemicals which are being discarded into landfills and into the air and water eventually get into our food supply.  The toxic waste from industrial plants is being discarded into the environment.  And all these pollutants end up in our bodies one way or another.

And as if that is not enough we are producing food which will keep its shelf life for months and years because we cook the life out of the food, process it with deadly chemicals, or alter its genetic composition. The rationale behind such actions is to create a product that is either more appealing to the sight and taste, less resistant to disease … all to increase sales.

And we are killing ourselves at an ever increasing rate.

Nutrition Response Testing takes into consideration the factors that are polluting us as a major priority in the process of returning us to health.  The practitioner using this tool can test for food sensitivities and chemical and metal pollutants.  If these things are not addressed from the start it is like trying to fill a bucket with water that has a hole in the bottom.  One will have to continue to fill the bucket because water is constantly leaking out of the bottom.  By finding and removing the stressors from the body one is essentially fixing the hole in the bottom of the bucket so that the water will not continue to leak out.  If this is not done the hole will only get bigger and water will be lost at an ever increasing rate.  This illustrates the slow degenerative process which is occurring in our bodies, slowly killing us one step at a time as our life force is slowly being drained away.

Nutrition Response Testing emphasizes the importance of drinking water that has been filtered.  Every home should have a water filtration system.  Even well water is polluted today from all of the chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, bacteriosides, fertilizers, etc.) that have been poured on our food supply.  Food that is organically grown is the best choice for health.  And processed food needs to be eliminated from the diet all together.

If we don’t protect ourselves from the harmful effects in the environment they will eventually destroy us.  Cancer will continue to proliferate, degenerative disease will increase, and the big pharmaceutical business will continue to expand because we become more reliant on medications to ‘maintain’ our health.  It is a vicious cycle, but Nutrition Response Testing provides us an alternative to groping around blindly for better health in an increasingly toxic world.