Individualized Designed Clinical Nutrition vs. the Medical Model of Health Care

Another characteristic unique to Nutrition Response Testing is that it makes it possible for every patient to be given a program that is specifically designed for that individual.  No two people ever get the same program because no two people ever test exactly the same.  This is another huge advantage over the medical model and its approach to handling health, which is based mainly upon symptom suppression.  There is nothing else like Nutrition Response Testing that is as comprehensive, safe, natural, causal related, and effective for helping any condition simply by providing the nutritional support which the body needs.

To clarify by example, let us say two people present with indigestion.  According to the medical model they would both be given antacids.  Although this may relieve their symptoms the antacids will do absolutely nothing to fix the stomach.  As time progresses, they will both undoubtedly present with other symptoms, each one probably manifesting symptoms of a different nature.  They will each be treated with the same protocol.  But the original problem causing the indigestion will go unnoticed and continue to weaken the health of both patients.

Now, if a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner were to test these two patients, he would likely find differing causes of the indigestion in each individual.  One may have a congested liver while the other may have trouble with his small intestine.  As a result, each person is given a program based upon the findings for that person which will clear up the complaint of indigestion … even though each is on completely different programs.

Let me be perfectly clear.  Nutrition Response Testing does not replace the medical model.  The medical model is here to stay, and for good reason I might add.  When treating an acute and life threatening condition, the mainstream medical field is an absolute necessity.  It is responsible for saving life in situations where time is critical and life is hanging in the balance.  Nutrition Response Testing is not of value in these kinds of situations.

But, for chronic conditions the medical model is failing.  It can only be depended on to manage the sick, not help them find true wellness.  I call this sick care management.  The medical model controls one’s symptoms but does nothing to restore health to the individual.  That is the reason for the increasing requirement for medications as one gets older.  By the age of forty the average individual is expected to be on at least one medication.  By the age of 70 that number is in excess of ten medications.  The reason is simple.  As a general rule, once a patient is placed on a medication he is expected to remain on it for the rest of his life. Or, perhaps he will eventually be placed on a stronger medication because the continued symptoms need to be better controlled.  But this is not healing, only management of disease. The only way to truly correct the symptoms is to get to the cause of them.  Nutrition Response Testing, as stated earlier, gets to the cause.

For example, if one’s blood pressure is found to be elevated, the first thing the medical doctor wants to do is put him on a blood pressure medication.  The fact is that 80% of the time the cause of the elevated blood pressure is of unknown origin.  The medical community admits this and has labeled this condition as essential hypertension.  The question that should be asked is why is the blood pressure elevated to begin with?  From a natural approach I would answer that the reason it is elevated is because the body is doing what it has to do in order to survive … it is buffering itself for some reason.  So, giving a drug in order to bring the blood pressure down only places a greater burden on the body to work to elevate it again.  Hence as time goes on, more and more medication is used to bring the blood pressure ‘under control’.  This is common medical practice.

On the other hand, the goal with Nutrition Response Testing is to gradually reduce the number of supplements one is taking.  The thought there is that because the body is being given the nutrients that are needed, it will heal itself and as a result need less and less nutritional support.  Given enough time, the individual in the scenario above may even eventually be able to reduce his blood pressure medication because the body is getting to the cause of the actual elevation.  This will take time but it can happen.  In the meantime, the patient is learning how to eat a more healthful diet, and the body is getting healthier as this repair process continues.

Realistically speaking, we are in a world where the medical system is needed because of the damage caused by all of the other impediments to health discussed in earlier articles, like poor quality food and the ‘chemicalization’ of America.  But Nutrition Response Testing is here to stay and will proliferate because of the growing need for answers which the medical community cannot provide.  As an invaluable component to the building and repairing of health, which the ‘traditional health care model’ does not practice, Nutrition Response Testing has a definite place in the lives of those wanting to truly invest in their health.

Since the environmental and poisonous ‘phood’ industry is a part of the American way of life, the acute effects will need to be handled by the medical system, but the chronic effects need to be handled by the natural approach using Nutrition Response Testing.  In so doing, people can better take control and responsibility for their health through the educational efforts this approach has to offer.  I foresee that Nutrition Response Testing, although it is just in its infancy, will come to play a bigger part in the overall health care model in the future.  It may take years for this to happen but those who are taking advantage of its benefits now will surely be way ahead in their quest for health.  The future is now … so take control of your health and utilize the tool of Nutrition Response Testing.  It can change your life forever.