What Patients are Saying about Dr. Link and Nutrition Response Testing…

“He (Dr. Link) made a lot of sense. Instead of working against the body with prescription medications, I needed to give my body the things it needed to run on (a good diet, exercise, and supplements). In a little while I was feeling better. I went off all the prescription medications and started feeling alive again.” – L.B.

“I would definitely refer Dr. Link to anyone who suffers not only from pain, but who also needs a whole nutritional change to improve his or her health.” – V.K.

“Although I don’t completely understand how, Dr. Link is working miracles. This new understanding of the body called Nutrition Response Testing really works.” – D.A.

“After five weeks of treatment, I feel wonderful! If you are suffering from health conditions in addition to the usual “back problems”, do not hesitate to come to Dr. Link. His program can assist in returning you to good health and much energy and happiness.” – V. H.

“I would recommend Dr. Link and the Nutrition Response Testing Program to anyone who is having any type of problem! Giving your body the nutrition it is starving for, and eliminating the things it cannot tolerate, will heal you and make you well again.” – L.F.

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