Back Pain

For over twenty years, I suffered from low back pain, which would come and go. I had never been to a chiropractor, because I relied on medical doctors to treat my symptoms. They gave me cortisone shots and muscle relaxers which temporarily eased my symptoms, but these treatments did not correct the problem. Therefore, the pain kept returning. After my husband and I moved from Ohio to Illinois, the pain was unbearable, and that was when I came to Dr. Link. I was limping and leaning to one side, and my pain was a 10. I was unable to bend down to open the file cabinet at work, and could not even sit in my office chair. I could not get in and out of a car, nor could I drive. Stairs had to be taken one at a time, and I could not sleep or even roll over at night. The pain was so bad that my quality of life was suffering, leaving me very short-tempered and still in a lot of pain.

My improvement was like a miracle after I began treatment with Dr. Link. Now, only twelve days later, I am pain-free! I can walk, sit, bend over, drive, and climb stairs with no problem whatsoever. My sleep has returned, and my attitude is much better. It is difficult to be happy when you’re in pain, but now I feel wonderful! If you have back pain of any kind, I would encourage you to go to Dr. Link. He will get to the source of the problem and correct it, rather than cover up the symptoms with pain medication. You may be a little sore at first, but stick with it, and it will turn your health around.