Back Pain, Heart Problems

I have been seeing Dr. Link for several years for general aches and pains especially in the lower back. One day toward the end of the summer I hurt it again. When I saw Dr. Link this time, he told me that with all of the trouble I had with the low back didn’t I think that it was time to take it seriously? I had to agree because this problem just kept coming back and really hurt my golf game among other things.

He put me on a treatment plan and guided me every step of the way toward progressive improvement. The back improved greatly during the treatment period but what I noticed the most was how he helped with my heart condition. You see, I hadn’t told him about the heart problem which I have had for years. My heart beats would start getting erratic and I would develop palpitations especially when I got tired or stressed. Well, Dr. Link was adjusting the upper part of my back where the nerves to the heart exit the spine as well as the lower back. One day after looking at one of his charts on the wall showing the nerves going to the heart from the spine I just had to tell him that I had noticed that my heart palpitations had gone away which I had been suffering with for years. He told me that it was not uncommon to hear of such successes because the nervous system, through the spine, controls every function in the body. Not only did he clear up my back problem but now I come in routinely to keep my heart from “running away” on me. Chiropractic has become more important to my health than ever before because I now understand the importance of maintaining the communication between the brain and the body through a healthy nervous system. Dr. Link has convinced me that a healthy nervous system contributes to a healthy body and this, of course, includes the heart.