Back Problems

For years I had trouble with my back. I was slow in getting up and had pain, numbness, tingling, and burning in my back and left leg. One day in April, I bent to pet my dog and felt a kind of burning in my back. It was so bad that it put me on my hands and knees. I decided to go to Dr. Link for treatment. When I got to my appointment I couldn’t even get up on the examining table. I had to kind of fall on it. Dr. Link gave me an x-ray, which he showed to me. It looked as though my lower spine was curved!

Dr. Link started me on a program of adjustments. And I am so pleased with the results! I am a farmer and was concerned I might not be up to planning in May, but I had no problems sitting in the tractor or climbing up and down. I am also able to coach Little League, which requires me to stand on my feet for 2 or 3 hours at a time. Previously, I had been forced to lie on the field at times while coaching. I can drive again, without fidgeting or constantly shifting in my seat to get comfortable. In fact, recently I drove to Tennessee – and 8 hour drive – without any problems other than a little stiffness.

Now I have no pain in my back and leg and can get around with ease. I am very happy to have the ability to move and do the things I want and need to do! Dr. Link helped me immensely!