Chronic Back and Neck Pain after Auto Accident

About 16 years ago, I was in an auto accident. Since that time, I have suffered with extreme back and neck pain. The pain was at least a 10+. I was unable to sleep most nights, could not lift anything and suffered from headaches. The pain made it impossible to do many of my daily activities.

The medical profession could do nothing to help me, and since I didn’t believe in chiropractors at all, I was left in a state of pain and disability for all those years. Although I did not believe in chiropractors, I was soon to change my opinion. In desperation, I came to Dr. Link in April of 2006, and he began treating my condition with periodic adjustments and therapy.

I now can sleep each and every night, and I have no pain. I am able to lift some things as long as I am careful how I do it. I would say my relief is more than 90%. Now I am able to walk distances now with no pain, I can exercise again and pretty much do whatever I want. My attitude is much better now that I feel so well and I have a lot more energy.

Each month I come to Dr. Link for an adjustment so that my body maintains its healed condition. I am grateful for the care he has given me and would recommend Dr. Link to anyone who is in pain, needs pain relief and wants to become healthy.