Chronic Back and Neck Pain

For about twenty years, I have experienced back and neck pain. From time-to-time it flairs up, and recently the pain reached a #10 on the “pain scale”. I continued to do my job, and all my other daily activities, even when I was hurting. By the end of the day though, I was in such bad shape I could barely get in and out of my vehicle, or even walk. Then the next day, I would start all over again. It seemed as if the rest of my life would be this way.

In March, I began coming to Dr. Link for adjustments and immediately began to get relief from my pain. It has been about three months now, and I am feeling great as compared to when I first came in. There is a lot less pain; I would now rate my pain as a #1 on the pain scale. I can stand and sit better and am more conscious of how I pick up things. I am able to get through each day now and still feel fine by evening.

I would recommend chiropractic treatment from Dr. Link to anyone who is suffering from back and neck pain. He has done great things for me, and I am so much better. I am hoping I can encourage my dad to come in for adjustments, also.