Chronic Chest Pain after Auto Accident

I was involved in a truck injury about eight years ago and got tangled up in the seat belt as the truck rolled over. It put a tremendous strain to my middle back and as a result I suffered from terrific chest pain that felt like it was crushing my chest. At night I would wake with severe breathing difficulty and couldn’t sleep because of the breathing trouble and pain. I lost a lot of sleep from it and this went on for years and gradually lessened to the point that I would only have about two episodes per week but it never went completely away.

A couple of months ago I injured my low back again, which I had done several times over the last several years. My wife convinced me to see Dr. Link and when he showed me my x-rays I could see how my spine had gotten worse over the years. In just four weeks of care my breathing trouble has completely disappeared and I am sleeping without any pain or discomfort. It is really great to feel so good especially without having to take drugs to relieve the pain and help me sleep. My low back is doing so much better also. Thanks to Dr. Link chiropractic has helped me to become pain free and I certainly feel that I am on the road to better health.