Chronic Pain After Head Injury

In February of 2009, I tripped and fell while getting out of the truck and hit my head on a ledge on the ground. I’m not sure, but I think I might have been knocked out for a bit. After the fall, I had pain and a ‘crawling’ feeling in my left cheek and ear. Sometimes the pain was so terrible I wanted to cry. And the ‘crawling’ feeling was just like worms were moving around under my skin. I went to my medical doctor to try to find relief, but he just poked around on my face and said he didn’t think there was any infection. I continued to have pain, which kept me from sleeping or eating anything that wasn’t soft. I had little energy. All I wanted to do was sit around and watch T.V. At one point I felt so bad that I went to Urgent Care for help. The doctor there gave me antibiotics, but they didn’t stop the pain.

Finally, I went to Dr. Link. He found the problem and began giving me a series of adjustments. I began to get relief as he continued to work with me. Now the pain is gone. I only get a stiff neck once in a while when I’m doing something like painting. And Dr. Link can take care of that, too! The ‘crawling’ feeling is gone. And I can eat what I want and sleep well again. My activity level is up and I feel more able to do what I need to do.

I’m glad I went to Dr. Link for help, and would recommend him to anyone who has pain and can’t find relief for it. Thanks, Dr. Link!