Could Not Lift Right Arm

Before I came to Dr. Link, I couldn’t lift my right arm to feed myself, to shave myself, to lift my arm above my head, or any other task that required my right arm. This was a problem, since I am right handed! I went to my medical doctor for my 6 month check up and told him about my arm. Everything else checked out with him, so he referred me to a specialist. The specialist took 5 X-rays and told me my shoulder was worn out. He gave me a shot, said it probably won’t help, and wished me “Good Luck”. My bill for this was over $1,100. Two months went by and I felt only a little relief.

Finally I told my children, I want to find a chiropractor to help me. I found Dr. Link, came to him about 2 ½ months ago, and have 80% relief! I am now able to feed myself and do all my other chores that require my right arm.

I have tried to refer people to this clinic, but they all claim their medical doctor has some medication that takes their pain away. I think modern medicine is too good, and also, a person is not healed from the inside out, but only temporarily. Dr. Link found the cause of my problem, corrected it, and now I can function better than I was able to function for over a year. He did this without drugging or medicating me. What a relief to be able to use my arm again.