Dizziness, Bad Balance

In November, 2006, I began having severe dizzy spells. Also, my balance was bad, and it was difficult to keep from falling. I noticed that my reflexes were not functioning as they should. My medical doctor was concerned that I had suffered a light stroke, and sent me for an MRI. Even though they found no evidence of a stroke, the prior symptoms continued to worsen. In addition, I have had both knees replaced, so I have trouble with feeling in my feet, and I am a restless sleeper. After having no success whatsoever with the medical doctors, I came to Dr. Link for chiropractic treatment.

Improvement has been gradual, but steady. Now, four months later, the dizziness is gone. I can walk better, due to improved balance and more feeling in my feet. Also, my reflexes are much better, I sleep more soundly now, and my general attitude has improved.

Dr. Link treats so much more than just “bad backs”. There are many conditions that can be treated successfully with chiropractic care, such as the ones I had. I will continue to come to Dr. Link because he corrects the problem rather than cover up the symptom.