Extreme Pain

I was miserable. I’d never been worse. On a pain scale of one to ten, I was definitely a ten. The pain was so terrible that I couldn’t sleep, sit, or lie down. I could barely walk with my walker. Having no appetite because of the pain, I had lost 33 pounds.

After a month of pain, I went to the Veteran’s Administration hospital. The doctor gave me pain pills, but I didn’t get any better.

My wife had been to Dr. Link and so had I with good results. I was desperate so I called Dr. Link to see if he could help me. In the last month, my pain has greatly decreased. I have been able to ride in a car without pain. I still wear my support because my muscles are still weak, but I can walk without my walker a lot more and only with a cane.

After seeing Dr. Link, I am doing so much better. My appetite is back. I feel stronger in my legs and have no pain in them. I plan on going fishing before the end of summer. I couldn’t have done it without Dr. Link’s help.