I was told years ago I had fibromyalga and there was nothing that could be done for it. I would take extra strength Tylenol (three at a time) and just sit around. I hurt so bad I didn’t want to do anything. I just sat around and slept or watched TV if I could.

The doctors were giving me injections in the spine every week. They were very painful. After the third injection my pain was back in just three days. My son, Don, came to Dr. Link and he told me about him, so I called and made the appointment.

Now I feel great. I can walk up and down the stairs and do things I could not do before without relying on the Tylenol. I can sleep better and my nerves are better. My whole outlook is better. I feel like its worth getting up in the morning now. Dr. Link has worked miracles as far as I am concerned. He helped me when no one else could.