Headaches, Sinus Problems, Insomnia

Hi, I’m Halee. I’m 12 years old. Before seeing Dr. Link, I had headaches three times a week, sinus problems and I couldn’t sleep. It had been going on for four to five years. It was so bad, that I’d be awake most of the night in tears. It hurt to walk because when I did, my head would throb. The scents of candles, colognes, perfumes and lotions would trigger sinus headaches too.

Then my mom started working for Dr. Link. He told her to get me in to see him. He wanted to see if he could help me. My first visit was in December, 2005. My headaches are as few as once a month. Scents still bother me but they don’t give me headaches. I have more energy now too.

I also had a lot of problems with knee pain. Dr. Link checked it out and said that I was flat-footed. He fitted me with arch supports for my shoes which made a world of difference.

If you have any problems even if it is sinuses or headaches, I bet Dr. Link can help you just like he did me.