Neck and Back Pain

I couldn’t drive to play cards with my friends because I couldn’t turn my head without pain. I had a hard time getting home because of the pain. That is when I decided to see Dr. Link. Also, I couldn’t turn over in bed and had difficulty getting out of bed. About nine years ago I had back surgery and then a few years later I had hip surgery to help relieve my lower back and hip symptoms. As a result I hadn’t been to a chiropractor for years because I didn’t think that they could do anything more for me once the surgeries were performed. I was in a lot pain by the time I came to see Dr. Link. He gave me a thorough examination and explanation of the causes of my pain and what he could do to help alleviate my symptoms and fix the problem in both my neck and low back.

After the treatment plan that Dr. Link recommended, I can play cards and do my own shopping. My housework is a lot easier also. I can drive without pain as well. I still don’t lift a lot, but I’m showing signs of improvement each day. My daughter went shopping with me and noticed the difference right away in the speed with which I could get around and not have the pain like I used to before seeing Dr. Link. I enjoy being a patient at the Milford Chiropractic Clinic and have always liked coming here.