Neck out of Alignment from Birth

Hello, my name is Aaron. I’m a Thirteen-Year-Old boy. I was born forehead first, pushing my neck and spine far off center. This left me with an inability to lift things, lay on my right side at nights, and I looked at the world as one big pain center. Life wasn’t pleasant this way. I could go for long periods of time where I just had to close my eyes to make the headache stop. My arm hurt a lot. Even writing was a slight problem. I especially couldn’t have that because I love to write. I couldn’t look at life positively at all. Well, that changed.

One Friday morning, about three or four months ago, I went to go see chiropractor, Dr. Jon Link, for a serious neck pain. He took some X-rays, studied my neck, and adjusted me. I was so scared when he said that I could have lost motion in my neck permanently, had this been ignored, so I just hated it the 1st time around. By the second adjustment, we were already great friends. Now, I really can’t describe how much fun it is to go and get an adjustment. How can anyone not love the snapping sound of adjusting success? It makes no sense to me how anyone can’t love to go see Dr. Link, but that’s just me.

Well, over the past three or four months, everything’s changed. My neck is almost textbook normal and will be in a short period of time. The world’s nothing but one big funhouse to me now. I’m so much stronger and faster. I’m not going to be the one to judge how much smarter I probably am. So many people have made remarks about my speed and how much more able I am to do things. I used to hate sports. I’m not too keen on them still, but I enjoy them a lot more now. The best part, once this is over, I can go in for a visit.

If you’re having trouble with pain, medication (Dr. Link is an expert with natural supplements that really work), or you just need someone friendly and funny to talk to, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jon Link in Milford, Illinois. If this is what he has done for me, imagine what he will do for you.