Neck Pain, Headaches

Over the past year, I have experienced severe headaches and neck pain. This condition also caused a lot of pain in my eyes and teeth. I had earaches and could not turn my head at all. I had limited control over the muscles in my left arm. The pain was so terrific that I couldn’t sleep most nights. Although I took all kinds of medication, the relief was always just temporary.

In the past, I had gone to Dr. Link with various problems, all of which were treated and corrected successfully. So, I started going to him again for my neck pain and headaches. Within a few adjustments, I felt much better. However, I will continue to receive adjustments regularly.

Everything “works” better now! I have absolutely no pain and can turn my neck with no problems. The problems I had with my eyes, ears, teeth and my left arm have disappeared. My improvement is 100%! Now, I feel as if I want to do more, and I am able to ride horses again and tend to household chores. My attitude and energy level have both improved immensely, and daily living is much more enjoyable. You do not have to suffer from pain and poor health. Go to Dr. Link if you need help.