Pain in Feet and Legs, Injuries

I have learned that you should start with chiropractic, which every one should at an early age, and stick with it throughout your life then people would not have to go through most or what the entire medical world puts them through. I would go to the chiropractor off and on all of my life. When I had a pain or restriction, I would go back for care. Then when I was better I wouldn’t take the time so here I am today. Pain in my feet, ankles, knees, legs, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck with internal problems because I didn’t stick to a chiropractic routine. I had to crawl to get around because my feet and legs hurt so badly. I couldn’t sleep because of pain. But thanks to God and Dr. Jon R. Link, I can walk again, play with my grandchildren, cut my lawn, go to work and do my job. My future looked dim but now it is very bright.

Everyone should get on the wellness care and stay there. Some days may get cloudy for a short time. You may wonder why, but it is all worth it. Believe me, if you could restore a house or your car, why not your body. You will reap the rewards. Chiropractic did more for me and my injury in four short months than the medical world did for me in four years.