Pain in Hip and Leg

I had extreme pain in my right hip that went all the way down my leg. My leg would tighten during the night. I would walk humped over because I had no flexibility and it hurt too much to stand up straight. I had similar symptoms several years ago but the pain built up for several months and became excruciating. I had lots of stress and tension from trying to take care of my husband and my house that I had to do something to relieve the pain.

I had been to see Dr. Link in 2003 but did not follow through with my care plan. My family convinced me to see him again. They see Dr. Link and thought he could help me too. I started treatment May 9th and have improved through time. My pain has subsided at least 95% since my first visit. I praise God that I can walk without pain. I can keep house and take care of my husband now. My energy, alertness and attitude have improved also. Before treatment, I could bite anybody’s head off.