Sciatic Pain

I had been suffering with excruciating pain for over four months. The pain was in the middle of my back and sciatic nerve. I would stand five to ten hours a day for five days and sometimes six on Saturday. We had used totes at work, lifting and tugging them to move them. Then we went to boxes which caused severe pain. I had difficulty sleeping at night because of the pain. I had trouble going up the stairs because of the pain. I had difficulty driving because of the excruciating pain. I was a grump with everyone and had a very short temper with everyone. I always enjoyed walking at night with my friends, but because of the pain I just couldn’t do it. I would just go home from work and go to bed.

After about one month of treatments, I had ninety-five per cent relief from pain. I now enjoy going to work.

I am able to go out and walk with my friends. I still cannot keep up with them, but I can walk without the pain.