Scoliosis, Headaches

Before coming to see Dr. Link, I suffered from the severe pain of scoliosis, headaches and the after effects of working in the construction field. I had neck and back pain that hindered my sleep in both quality and quantity. I could not stand or sit for long periods of time without becoming stiff and uncomfortable. However, the worst thing I endured was the debilitation of my golf game.

Since coming to Dr. Link’s, I have received excellent treatments. Dr. Link gave me a thorough examination and explanation of both the causes of my pain and what he could do to help alleviate my symptoms and fix the problem.

I sleep better at night, breathe easier and can rotate my neck and shoulders without pain. My headaches and back problems have improved immensely. I have more energy and feel I have a better quality of life.

Dr. Link may not be able to improve my golf game. After all, I’m the one who has to sink an eight foot putt. I can swing my clubs better, work in the garden and stand in front of a class without becoming stiff.