Severe Asthma

Ever since I was a tiny baby, I have had severe asthma. I was constantly going to the doctor or to the emergency room and was on lots of medication. The medications would give temporary relief for short periods of time. My family heard that chiropractic care can relieve asthma symptoms, so I began to see Dr. Link for treatments when I was about five years old. I would get an adjustment about every three months. I was very active in basketball, track and volley ball, which would aggravate my asthma. With regular treatments, I was able to participate in all three sports and still keep my asthma under control. Now, I am 18 years old and am still active in all three sports. I do not have asthma attacks at all anymore, and haven’t had for several years.

If I feel a cold coming on or feel as if I’m getting the flu, I come to Dr. Link for an adjustment, and I do not get the cold or the flu! By the next day, I feel great again! I no longer rely on medical doctors for anything!

If you want to totally improve your quality of life, visit Dr. Link and participate in his health program. It WILL make a difference.