Severe Back Pain

The pain in my lower back had been occurring for years, but a few months ago it became so severe that I was literally dragging my left leg, as the pain was moving down into the calf of my leg. There was a great deal of pain and stiffness. I had problems with bending, lifting, stooping, sitting and sleeping. I could tell it was affecting how well I did my job, as the pain was constant. I thought about seeing a chiropractor, but kept putting it off. Finally, I could no longer function, so I came to see Dr. Link.

I have been on my successful treatment program for about three months now, but I must say that I noticed improvement after the first week. Since then, I have improved steadily, and I now have no pain at all. Dr. Link has worked wonders for my health. Now I have a lot more energy. I am sleeping well again, and am able to sit without pain. I can perform my job much better and feel a great sense of relief from the pain.

Dr. Link has also been treating my asthma, and the improvement is astounding. I do not have to use my inhaler nearly as often, I can breathe better and feel much better. Dr. Link has brought good health and happiness back to me. Thanks, Dr. Link, for all you have done for me!