Severe Pain on Bending

In January, I experienced severe back pain while bending over to do household chores. The pain was so bad that it was almost impossible for me to straighten up. I had to have help getting up and down and putting on my socks. At that time, my pain level was clearly a 10+. By the time I saw Dr. Link, the pain was severe and had radiated down my left leg to my feet. It was difficult to get in and out of the car, I could not bend over and pick up most items, and I was totally unable to pick up my grandchildren or my great-niece. I could not sleep, and I could not stand at the kitchen sink to do dishes or bend over the bathroom sink to brush my teeth. It was difficult to style my hair because of the pain, and I also had to give up a sport I love, bowling. I started having cramps in my legs and feet at night after I would go to bed. I would also have them when I sat down to relax in the evening. These cramps were extremely painful.

Shortly after my first couple of visits to Dr. Link, and some relief, I went on vacation to the Bahamas. The pain returned, and I suffered through the whole trip. Upon my return, I resumed treatment with Dr. Link and started having immediate relief. I now feel 100% relief from all the pain. The leg/feet cramps have totally vanished! I can now do everything I could not do before, and my quality of life is wonderful. I am happy, have more energy and a better attitude. Dr. Link, thank you for returning me to good health.