Shoulder Pain

When I first came to see Dr. Link, I had been suffering with right shoulder pain for four months. I was unable to lift much and was in constant pain. The pain grew worse over time, distracting me from daily activities such as work and caring for my young son. At night, it became difficult to sleep without pain medication. I knew I needed to see a doctor, but I was hesitant to see someone without a recommendation. I had seen Dr. Link several years ago after a car accident and when my sister-in-law told me he had really helped her eliminate her migraine headaches I decided to give him a call.

Expecting to receive just a quick adjustment, I was surprised that Dr. Link performed a comprehensive exam with x-rays and explained his diagnosis and treatment plan during a personal consultation. As it turns out, not only did I have a separated shoulder, but also a reverse cervical curve. Within three visits, my pain was gone. I continue to receive treatment to correct the cervical curve and prevent further degeneration. I now have full range of motion in my shoulder and without that constant pain; I am free to concentrate on work and family.

Dr. Link and his staff always greet me by name and treat me with the utmost respect. They even called my insurance company to find out my benefits and filed claims on my behalf. I highly recommend Milford Chiropractic Clinic.