Sinus Problems, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In 1998, I had my teeth pulled. When the last tooth was pulled, it affected my sinuses. As a result, I was on antibiotics for years, and I could not breathe out of my right nostril.

About a year ago, I came to Dr. Link because about a year-and-a-half earlier, I had been diagnosed with rotator cuff lateral epicondylitis and carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of a work injury. This left me disabled for the last year-and-a-half.

Dr. Link told me that there was a good possibility my problem was coming from my neck. He worked on me for several months, and I got feeling back in my hand. I can now raise my arm over my head, and I don’t drop things anymore. Thanks to Dr. Link, I can function so much better than I could before when the medical doctors told me that nothing more could be done for my condition. As an additional benefit, I can now breathe better than I could for almost ten years.

Dr. Link gave me my life back when others gave me no hope.