Spinal and Neck Pain

My neck and spine pain began about a year-and-a-half ago, but became very severe during the last five months. My pain level was about an 8 or 9 all the time, and I was in such pain that many times I wanted to cry. I had headaches and sinus pressure and was on antibiotics, prednisone and, ultimately, strong pain killers. This caused me to be very grouchy and intolerant of my family and friends. It was clearly affecting my quality of life. I could no longer play with my children and had trouble sleeping at night. I could function, but did not enjoy life at all. I ended up having root canals and three good teeth pulled in an attempt to correct my problem, without success. I prayed daily for relief from my pain.

A friend at church referred me to Dr. Link, and I began treatment with him in March. It has been a month now, and already everything has changed for the better. I have very little discomfort – my pain is about a 1. I can do everything better now and enjoy being able to play with my children again. I have the energy and motivation to jump on the trampoline, and it causes no pain. My mood is much better, and I feel much happier now. It is wonderful to finally be pain-free. I still have bad days, but overall much better.

There is a huge improvement from my beginning x-rays as compared to the most recent ones. Dr. Link has been an instrument of god in my healing process and returning to good health. I believe that the holy spirit thru the working of others was responsible for leading me here.