Stiff, Sore Neck

For over a year I have had a stiff and sore neck. I couldn’t turn my head at all without terrific pain. Even though I continued with my work, I was in constant pain and had trouble sleeping, driving and performing any daily activity that required me to turn my head.

After relocating in this area due to my job, I sought treatment with Dr. Link. My first appointment was on May 2nd. Immediately, I had some relief from the neck pain. It is now five weeks later, and I am almost pain-free. What I have now, I would call mild discomfort, but not pain. I can turn my head with no problem whatsoever and am sleeping much better. Driving is easier now, and I have also noticed that my allergies have cleared up! This was something I did not realize could be corrected by chiropractic adjustments.

I will continue to go to Dr. Link and plan to refer my girlfriend to him. He has helped me a lot and I am now on the road to good health.