Work Injury to Back

Two years ago, I hurt my back while working. At that time, I came to Dr. Link a couple of times, got relief from my pain and discontinued treatment. Over time, my lower and middle back pain returned and continued to get worse. I couldn’t sit, lift anything or bend over. I had lots of back spasms and after working all day, I would go home and resort to a heating pad or ice, with little or no relief. In the winter I would sit in front of a heater in an attempt to alleviate the pain, to no avail. One of the really bad results was that I could not sit in the tree stand as long as I used too. In addition, I began to have really bad headaches some of the time. My pain level was an 8.

After several months, I again came to Dr. Link, but this time I chose to correct my problem with regular and ongoing adjustments. I gradually began to improve and experienced more movement, mobility and much less pain. The headaches are very few now. I can once more bend over, pick up heavy objects and am recuperating more each month. My pain level is now 1-2, and I will continue to receive regular adjustments. Dr. Link always tells it like it is. He wants his patient to have good health, but if he is unable to correct the problem, he will tell you.